Bisexual presence: exactly why we should ‘be the change’


isexual Visibility Day is everyday of function that really turns into a month of party whenever all is said and done. After throwing off in america in 1999, September 23


scars the yearly function of bisexuality, a conference that now reaches across the globe.

But Sep 23rd isn’t really exactly about bisexual men and women putting on their unique party shoes or cooking bi-flag themed cupcakes for revealing making use of their bi mates and allies.

The day also stocks a critical undertone for all the bisexual community.

For many, here is the one day of the year if they is seen, whenever they can speak about who they really are, once they feel permitted to exist in a community that therefore regularly renders all of them hidden.

And other people, the bis thatn’t out, the bis who will ben’t comfy in their own personal skin, Sep 23


moves like any different time.


o tag the celebration last September 23


, At long last got to watching the film

Battle of Sexes


If you haven’t done this however, perform your self a favour: seize some popcorn and a companion watching this film! The storyline recreates the activities that brought to globally famous 1973 ‘battle of the sexes’ playing tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.

But that isn’t a movie about playing tennis; this is a film about feminism and bisexuality. It’s a movie about driving borders and ‘being the alteration’.

I invested weeks mulling this movie over within my head and found two results.

The first is that even though many things have changed for the 46 years since 1973, some remain the same.

The force for females’s legal rights has arrived along in leaps and bounds (while you’re watching the film my 12-year-old sat beside me personally, jaw agape in terror within depiction in the shameless male chauvinism displayed by the politically inaccurate male news reporters during the day).

When considering bisexuality, it appears that progress has been a great deal slow.

It was difficult to detect any concrete differences between Billie Jean King’s experiences of a same-sex love affair while nonetheless sustaining fascination with the woman husband as opposed to those which could befall any 21


Century woman.

Most abundant in present
Australian Study of Health and Relationships
finding that between 2002 and 2013 Australians turned into less tolerant of gender outside a loyal union, this indicates we have been increasingly becoming

much less

recognizing of circumstances like Billie Jean King’s.

Public-opinion usually provides non-monogamy and bisexuality jointly therefore the same, though the the reality is most bisexual individuals pick monogamous interactions. This seen link within two principles ensures that an ever-increasing not enough acceptance of non-monogamy hurts the predicament bisexuals every where, regardless of the precision (or inaccuracy).

The next conclusion We have drawn from my musings over

Battle of this Sexes

is there can be more than one champion inside story – there have been two.

Without a doubt Billie Jean King herself is the apparent heroine; a heroic woman exactly who dares to check out the woman needs while combating when it comes to rights of females everywhere.

But there is also a quieter character that is in the same way strong: the woman partner Larry King. This personality discovers of their wife’s bisexual love affair and even though demonstrably surprised, his love, admiration and commitment to her remain unwavering. Billie Jean King’s passion for women did not minimize the woman fascination with her partner nor made it happen decline their fascination with her.


s another Bisexual Visibility time flies by, exactly what can we study on this tale?

Though substantial strides were used since 1973 inside the battle for equivalence and acceptance of lgbt people, and more not too long ago steps onward have begun to happen for transgender and gender-diverse individuals, bisexuality remains when you look at the shadows.

It is doing bisexual individuals, and allies, to show this about. Like Billie-Jean King, we must ‘be the alteration’.

We’ve a plethora of
to demonstrate that bisexual individuals encounter alarmingly high costs of bad mental health.

With about one in ten Australian adults reporting bisexual destination, if you aren’t these men and women, you actually learn all of them. These are generally your brothers and sisters, your mother and father, your spouse, your very best lover from school.

All of us have a responsibility to really make the potential better for bisexual people.


o, how can we consistently go towards an escalating exposure of bisexual folks beyond the one time we’re allocated and also the month we attempt to stretch it into?

Speak about bisexuality!

Watch the movie and employ it as a conversation starter within office h2o cooler, on top of the dinning table, or at your Sunday barbeque.

When you yourself have ‘out’ bisexual folks in everything, flick them a text, shoot all of them a contact, PM them on Facey and let them know their own sexuality things even when it’s not September.

And, if you find yourself a bisexual person, do not wait for the then Sep to roll around; don those celebration shoes, bake those cupcakes and enjoy who you are throughout every season!

Julia Taylor is a researcher and personal entrepreneur. She’s lately directed La Trobe University’s Who I Am study; the greatest learn carried out of bisexual Australians as of yet. Directly in response to the analysis’s conclusions of very high rates of bad psychological state inside population, Julia is actually heading in the basic
national organisation
focused on improving psychological state outcomes for bisexual individuals – Bi+ Australian Continent.