Our Brands

Easson Energy Limited is a UK company who combine and leverage best of breed technologies like AI, SaaS and IoT devices to provide a world class solution that helps companies to reduce their electricity consumption and carbon footprint.

A welcome by product of implementing our solution is that it not only helps to save our planet, but also saves companies spending a minimum of $20,000 per month on electricity, up to 40% on their monthly bills.

Viridi Projects Limited

With all ESCOs in mind, our primary goal is to ensure that we no longer have to struggle to find funding for our green projects!  Unlike main street banks who, as clever as they are, have little concept and / or desire to understand the eSaaS business model and when they try to apply their normal lending criteria and rules to one of our projects, the answer usually is “no”; Viridi is a ESCO project funding platform set up by an ESCO for the benefit of all ESCOs and ultimately our planet!

The Global Climate Efficiency Initiative

The GCEI was formed to accelerate concrete action on reducing CO2 emissions through energy efficiency. By attracting ESG minded investors, to help bridge the funding gap for sub $1m projects, with particular emphasis on the energy efficiency sector.

By providing targeted and streamlined investment into efficiency and other green projects, we intend to empower the sector and reward our investors for their efforts.

Our Strategic Partner

KMS Advisory LLC

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